I have referred a number of patients both children and adults to Fiona and have found that the advice she has given has been very helpful and practical and in a form that my patients understand and relate to.

Dr John Gemming
General Practitioner

I have worked with Fiona since 1996, in hospital and community environments. Fiona has always provided a high level of personalised and professional food and nutritional advice for my patients. They have appreciated her thoroughness in assessment, and practical dietary information with good follow-up. I will continue to refer my patients to see her.

Dr Andrew Corin
General Practitioner

I have recommended a number of my patients to Fiona.  They have found her easy to talk to.  The information she has provided has been practical and up to date.  I have referred patients for weight loss and dietary advice for specific medical problems.  Most importantly many of my patients have had positive results.

Dr P. C. Zingel
General Practitioner

I have referred Fiona many of my patients who have complex food issues and often co-existing eating disorders.  Fiona has always provided a prompt, efficient and highly professional service and importantly she has worked well as part of a team with myself to provide consistent health care.  I will continue to use Fiona for my patients for her knowledge, experience and professional support.

Marie Webster
Clinical Psychologist

Fiona cuts to the chase in a very succinct way with clients I have been floundering with.  Food diaries, exclusions, and stress vs. gut physiology – she gets the patient to take ownership of their problem.  A clear solution is made available and cuts down the long consultations we dread and can’t deliver the same expertise.  I will continue to refer for these very grateful patients.

Dr S Roberts
General Practitioner

I am a woman in my 50's who was referred to Fiona by my G.P. with a problem weight issue.

I was hesitant about attending her clinic, through lack of confidence, however I found her to be welcoming and very professional.  Fiona is very professional, informed and supportive.

The plan and advice she gave me I have found suitable and manageable."


After consulting numerous doctors and therapists in relation to a chronic digestive disorder and with little success, I took advice from Fiona.  After a thorough examination of my diet and lifestyle she was able to offer very personalised dietary advice based on sound nutritional knowledge, the result of which my symptoms have much improved.  In retrospect I wish I had consulted a professional dietitian at the onset of my symptoms rather than undertaking a range of ‘alternative’ therapies which became quite confusing and ultimately caused me more harm than good.  Thanks for the common sense approach, which has set me on the road to recovery. 

Linda Cook.

Being a mature lady struggling with my weight I sought Fiona’s help.  Her professional approach and expert food knowledge has got me to my goal weight.  The notes she provided me with gave me the tools to make healthy food choices.  I would not hesitate to recommend Food Solutions to anyone who has special dietary needs.  Thanks Fiona. 


I visited Fiona to discuss suitable foods because I was currently salicylate sensitive.  Fiona was very professional and encouraging.  She offered different alternatives and we discussed food content in a relaxed, easy to understand way.  She was a good listener, warm and friendly.  Yes I found Fiona very helpful and would recommend her to anyone.

Te Puke

I consulted Fiona with a complex health problem of intolerance to sucrose, lactose and maltose (disaccharide intolerance).  With numerous consultations Fiona did a lot of research to get a balance in my diet which was not easy with so many foods I was unable to tolerate.  Fiona has been extremely professional and helpful making herself readily available to answer any queries.  As a result my health has improved, lost weight has improved and the quality of my life is better due to Fiona’s help and support.


I first visited Fiona five years ago, as an eighty-one year old who was losing weight and lacking in energy.   Fiona’s down-to-earth manner and helpful advice has benefitted me greatly.  I have successfully gained seven kilos and I am still going strong.

Tauranga Central

I had a consultation with Fiona in April.  I found her to be a very pleasant lady and very easy to talk to.  The answers she gave to my questions were very beneficial to my situation. For me, I have high cholesterol levels, and find it very difficult to lose weight quickly.  I also have lymphodema and have terrible hormonal imbalances.  All these things affect my metabolic rate, and even though I exercise for five out of seven days a week, and follow a fairly healthy diet, I am still overweight, and get frustrated.

After talking to Fiona, and going through a typical daily diet, she advised me that my food intake was over all pretty good, and the fact that I have been losing around 250grams a week for the past 6 months was perfect, (I thought that it was so slow) she advised me that that is a sensible loss of weight and to proceed with what I am doing.  Fiona also advised me on size of food portions and also to sit and actually enjoy my food and snacks, and not to eat on the run, which is something I do often.  I was given a few sheets of paper with tips on nutrition and a few examples of healthy foods for all meal times.  I was also informed not to pin your weight on a dress size or go on the scales too much, because body weight can fluctuate so much in a day, and that can make you despondent.  Also my fitness levels are far greater now, even though I am heavier, so the size of a person does not always signify the fitness of a person.  Fiona informed me that being "skinny" doesn’t always mean being healthy!

Overall, I found the consultation very satisfying to myself, to know that I am more or less doing the right thing, and that I just need to make a couple of changes to my lifestyle and diet, and also to be more easy on myself and not criticise myself too much, to actually lighten up a bit more and enjoy life, and to accept the way I am.  Fiona informed me that I am doing ok at the moment but she was available for future help whenever I needed it.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs nutritional help, and would be happy to see her again if I felt the need for more guidance with my own lifestyle regarding nutrition. 

Thank you. 


The written information you gave me is great as it’s something to look back on and remind me what I can eat safely and the things to avoid.  Thank you.


Fiona thanks for your help and professionalism.  I learn a lot from my contact with you.  Although I have a good general understanding of the topic I always appreciate the written information for future reference. 


Practical Nutrition and Diet Advice

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