Help me manage my weight - I need to lose weight

Struggling to lose weight?

Not sure what to eat?  Feel like you have tried every diet under the sun and now you are totally confused?  Tired of constantly dieting and feel like all enjoyment has gone out of eating?
Fiona Boyle is a NZ Registered Dietitian with more than 20 years experience in helping people with weight loss.  Fiona will work with you so you can feel confident with your food choices and portion sizes.  Strict diets and special diet foods are not part of Fiona’s approach. 

Fiona will teach you what foods you need to eat to best satisfy your appetite, helping to reduce those times of the day when you are susceptible to cravings. 

Do you need help reading food labels and recognising good food choices?  Fiona can help with information on reading labels. You may like to arrange your appointment as a supermarket tour so you can peruse the shelves and the food options together.

To monitor your progress Fiona can check your weight and your body composition (your muscle and fat stores) with her electronic bio-impedance scales.  Monitoring your fat and muscle stores is a better measure of progress than just checking your weight on the scales.  For long term success you need to be losing body fat and gaining muscle mass.

Food Solutions can help and support you with your goal to lose weight.

Fiona Boyle at Food Solutions has more than 20 years experience as a NZ Registered Dietitian.

Call Fiona at Food Solutions today for an appointment on 07 574 7999 or contact

Practical Nutrition and Diet Advice

Food Solutions is owned by Fiona Boyle, a NZ Registered Dietitian and a Nutritionist in Tauranga, with over 20 years experience in hospital and private practice settings.

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"It is not about what you can't eat, rather what you can eat"

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