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Even the best cooks can run out of inspiration for meal ideas. With our busy lifestyles it is easy to get stuck in a rut and we like to play it safe, returning over and over to the same old meals.

To truly enjoy our food we need variety - a range of flavours, textures and cooking styles. In other words food that is good for you can - and should - taste good.

The recipes included here have been chosen for their taste. They are healthy and full of flavour. I hope you enjoy them.

An important serving tip:
If you are trying to lose weight, or to improve your general health, it is important to adjust your serving sizes.

A great way to learn to serve appropriately sized portions is to use the 'divided plate' concept.

Think of your plate as being divided into four equal sections.  Use one of the top quarters for protein such as lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs or dried beans.

Use the other top section of your plate for starch such as potato, rice, pasta, cous cous or bread.

Then fill the bottom half (the remaining two sections) with a range of colourful vegetables.

None of the foods should overlap, and the plate should not be piled high - you are not building a sky scraper!  Not only will dividing your plate like this help to keep your portions under control, it will help you balance your meals.

This concept will work even if you are making a mixed meal, such as a stir fry or pasta dish.  The trick is to aim for similar portions when you are cooking - ¼ of the volume could be rice, another ¼ the protein, with the remaining two quarters of volume being made up of lots of vegetables.

If you get your portions right, eat your food slowly - so you can recognise when you are satisfied - you should not have to live on a diet of just salads, cottage cheese, rice crackers and tuna!

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"It is not about what you can't eat, rather what you can eat"

Grilled Bananas with Passionfruit and yoghurt